Troubleshooting failed audits

If one of your audits failed, you should see an error message in the Projects page:

Error message indicating that the last audit failed

Getting more information on failed audits

To troubleshoot failed audits, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Login to the admin interface;
  2. Click on Audits;
  3. Select one of the audits that failed (if all audits failed, the most recent should do);
  4. Scrolling down all the way to the bottom, you should see the WPT Results User URL field (see screenshot below);
  5. Copy and paste that link in a new browser tab, this will hopefully display either the results (if the WPT audit went OK but there was a problem in Falco’s parsing of results) or a WPT error page with a little bit more details on the problem.

WPT results user URL field in Admin

Common causes of failed audits

  • Your API key can be incorrect: check that you copy-pasted it correctly, including the A. prefix;
  • You may have exceeded the daily allowed page loads, as explained the WebPageTest email you receive when requesting an API key:

    “The API key is limited to 200 page loads per day. Each run, first or repeat view counts as a page load (10 runs, first and repeat view would be 20 page loads). If you need to do more testing than that allows then you should consider running a private instance:”

Last updated on 10/29/2019 by Nicolas Goutay