Using Swagger UI

If you want to try out API calls directly in the Swagger UI documentation, you need a Falco API Key:

  1. Access your own Falco instance and log in with a valid user account;
  2. Open your browser’s Dev Tools console (usually F12), and head to the Network tab
  3. Filter network activity by the XHR type
  4. Click on any XHR call in the resulting list
  5. Scroll down to Request Headers, and copy the content of the Authorization header (starting from, and including Bearer): this is the API Key;
  6. Back on the Swagger UI, click on Authorize at the top of the page, and paste the api key key in the resulting modal;
  7. You’re all set! Click Try it out! on any API call to try it out. Beware though that some API calls are restricted to either Super Administrators or Project Administrators (see the “Managing users section for more details).
Last updated on 10/24/2019 by Nicolas Goutay