Falco · an Open Source WebPageTest runner

Falco helps you monitor, analyze, and optimize your websites.

A screenshot of the Falco project view

Looking for Theodo’s Falco instance? Head to its new URL: https://falco.theo.do.

To see a demo, log in to https://falco.theo.do with the credentials demo / demodemo.

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Automatically run audits multiple times a day

Falco runs performance audits several times a day, and offers a historical overview to monitor its evolution.

Monitor key performance metrics

Falco monitors key performance metrics, and lets you choose which one you want to monitor—Time to Interactive, First Meaningful Paint, Speed Index…

Invite and involve your whole team

Invite your team to Falco to make collaboration around performance issues better, with fine-grained user rights management.

Audit individual URLs or entire user journeys

You can both test the performance of individual, public URLs or complete user journeys—it even works for Single Page Apps!

View and compare WebPageTest results

Compare side-by-side the WebPageTest results of your app before and after a specific release to see its impact on performance.

Use your own WebPageTest Private Instance

You can choose to use your own WebPageTest Private Instance for more frequent audits, or rely on the public one.